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White paper: Sport at work, the health asset of tomorrow?

Discover the benefits of sport for the health of your company and employees.

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Ebook : Marque employeur

Dans cet ebook, nous avons souhaité montrer concrètement la puissance de la marque employeur, en nous appuyant sur des exemples d’entreprises.

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Livre blanc : 2031, l'Odyssée du travail

Ce livre blanc propose une réflexion prospective à horizon 2031 pour répondre à ces interrogations.

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OpinionWay Survey - The French and sports at work (French version)

This survey reveals how the French feel about sport at work and what their expectations are. Employer branding, loyalty, colleague relationships: all these aspects are covered in this poll.

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Ebook - The Millennials and work (French version)

A media fantasy or an unstoppable revolution? This ebook will give you the keys to understanding this generation and adapting your business.

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Case study - Deliveroo

This study presents the specific case of one of the start-ups that the general public is most familiar with, from preliminary thought process through to implementation.

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Ebook - New work methods

Between evolution and revolution, new work methods are emerging in the name of freedom. This ebook will explain how to rethink the way your company is organised.

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Ebook - Talent retention

Talent attraction and retention are real issues in a world that has become volatile and unstable. This ebook demystifies the ways to reduce staff turnover.

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Ebook - Quality of work life

This ebook begins with an overview of the trend that is impacting the health of staff and also of businesses. The second part examines the role of sport on QLW.

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Infographic - 2019's eight HR trends that you need to prepare for right now (French version)

What will our working day look like in 2030? Artificial intelligence, augmented reality ... work is undergoing a revolution! A review of the direction HR should be taking in 2019 and beyond.

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Infographic - Inventory of the state of health in France (French version)

Stress, burnout, depression, MSD: work-related illnesses are on the increase, both physical and psychological. Overview of the health of French employees.

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Infographic - The cost of health at work in France (French version)

When employee health is neglected the business's financial losses can be astronomical. Should this then be a company's number one financial priority?

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