Jérémy Belain
Head of People France
130 Employees
Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon

contexte-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Context

Deliveroo has experienced very rapid growth in recent years, and this has resulted in a number of issues that will prove decisive going forward. Focusing on its employer branding in order to attract the best talent whilst also preserving its corporate culture and promoting good colleague relationships within its teams.




The Deliveroo / Gymlib Partnership

Deliveroo wanted to implement a quality of work life programme in the wider sense, with a sport and wellbeing element. It was crucial for them that all employees were able to benefit, especially in the provincial offices.



actions-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Process

The launch took place in November 2017 at the company's three locations in France. Following that, many events were arranged:

  • private use of partner gyms
  • running a Wellness Month with nutrition and meditation workshops, visits from osteopaths etc.
  • dozens of Gymlib Workshops run throughout 2018

Results are extremely positive with a membership rate of 79%.

Download the Deliveroo case study
« Our collaboration with Gymlib brings benefits to the company
as well as to our staff: this service helps
boost our employer branding and our attractiveness externally,
and optimises colleague relationships internally. »

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