Sophie Lethimonnier
HR Director
5,000 employees
All over France

contexte-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Context

Deloitte has adopted a QWL approach since 2016, based on three pillars: environment, teamwork, and wellbeing at work. Well aware that its employees operate in particularly challenging conditions, this well-known audit firm considers it essential to reciprocate by putting in place practical measures and initiatives. New premises, a remote working charter, Flex Office, a dining area and also a gym at head office. Providing a stimulating work environment is in their view the best way to ensure staff commitment and motivation.

partenariat-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Deloitte / Gymlib Partnership

A firm believer in the power of sport especially in stress management, Deloitte, at the request of its employees made the decision to provide Gymlib services in all its locations in France. For them it is a way to demonstrate the interest they take in their staff.

Sport has become part of the DNA for the group that some 20 years ago established the Derby; a sporting event that brings together about 600 employees every year.


The programme was launched in October 2018 at head office and the various locations all over France. Since then, nearly one in five employees (18%) uses the sport and wellbeing services offered by Gymlib.

« Gymlib is a way of showing our staff that we take an interest in them. »

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