Agnès Hussherr
Global Human Capital Leader
4,800 Employees
All over France

contexte-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Context

A few years ago, PwC launched the QWL programme "Be well, work well" to contribute to the daily wellbeing of employees: refurbishment of the workspace, a remote working charter, a sports provision, etc. The simple belief is: in order to meet the many challenges, mental and physical wellbeing is essential.


The PwC / Gymlib Partnership

Since most of their employees are remote, it was essential to provide a package that could be used all over France. The wide range of activities on offer also makes it possible to provide a solution that is complementary to the existing gym at head office in Paris.


actions-gymlib-abonnement-sport-et-bien-etre-ressources-humaines-rh-bien-etre-salaries-qvtThe Process

The program was launched in October 2018 in Paris and in six provincial locations. In addition, a presentation of the partnership was given at the annual onboarding seminar.

Early results show a 15% membership rate.


« Our staff is remote and therefore needed a tailored solution. »

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