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Gymlib offers a tailored service to suit the needs of your company and employees. The service is co-financed by companies and their employees.

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Our prices for companies of all sizes

From 2 to 50 employees

From €300 to €500 / month

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50+ employees

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Co-financing by companies and employees

For companies

Support for companies includes the use of our unique platform, day-to-day management of the platform, launch events on your premises, customer care from our after-sales service and a dedicated account manager.
With help from companies, we’re able to offer more affordable prices to employees. This co-financing is needed to guarantee maximum subscription rates.


For employees

Once the company has signed a contract with Gymlib, the platform goes live and the prices agreed in advance are displayed. Employees can then log on and sign up to their chosen subscription.

They can select from three formulas, depending on their needs and budget.


2 000 venues


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2 500 venues


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3 500 venues


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Services included in all formulas

  • Access to Gymlib Home (access to apps, live sessions, etc.)
  • Access to all municipal swimming pools and tennis courts in Paris
  • Dedicated help and support


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